About The Course

Basic 3D modeling continues where the Intro to Modeling course left off. In this course you will learn how to create basic 3d models. You will be introduced to the modeling tools inside 3DS Max and put them into practice with modeling challenges designed to test what you know and build your skills in the right way.

Course Overview

First you start with the basics, then you build your skills up from there.

  • Intro to The Poly Modeling Tools

    In this course you will be introduced to the basic modeling tools inside 3D Studio Max. By the end of the course your will have a clear understanding of how modifiers work and how to use edit poly to create shapes.

  • Learn While Creating

    The best way to learn 3D modeling is to put it into practice right away. In this course you will follow along with the lessons and create basic objects all the while, learning the correct workflows that game and films studios use.

  • Practical Assignments

    Soon after following along and learning the correct workflow, you will then be required to put what you know into practice and start building your own props with two challenging assignments.

Course curriculum


You must have completed the following course in order to understand and start this one.


  • Students are required to have completed the Introduction to 3D Modeling course.

  • SKILLS LEVEL: Beginner

  • 3D Studio Max is required to complete the lessons.