If you want to learn all the right moves to make (early or late) in your game art career that can help you launch or reach the next level, then this training is for you.

Learn The 3 Common Mistakes Many Aspiring Game Artists Make Early In Their Journey That Sets Them Back Significantly In Their Career Pursuits And What They Can Do Instead To Jump Ahead Of The Competition

During this ~120 minute intensive course, you will learn...

  • How the 3D art industry really works, where you’re naturally best suited in it, and how to better position yourself for success right from the beginning…

  • How to develop the professional skill sets necessary for success without over-exposing yourself to risky debt… (or how to sharpen them to perfection if you’ve already borrowed a pile and absolutely must make this work for yourself)...

  • How to develop the internal resources (like courage, resilience, and antifragility) you will need to overcome the internal and external obstacles on the path to professional employment as a 3D artist...

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Introduction

  • 2

    Let's Get Started!

    • My Story

    • An Old, Broken System

    • The Three Common Mistakes

  • 3

    The Tri-Force Of Success As A 3D Artist

    • The Digital Art Industry

    • The Digital Game Art Skills

    • The Inner Game

  • 4

    In Conclusion

    • The Solution Presented

    • Case Studies

    • Conclusion

    • Before You Go...

Here's what they are saying about the course:

Norton Campbell

Toronto, Canada

“Thanks again for sharing your learning experience with me. I watched your master class and enjoyed it, I found it very informative and it highlighted issues that I and other game artist have had when trying to break into the gaming industry."

Ahad Afzaal

Toronto, Canada

"The training video was good and I believe that it would be very beneficial for those of us who haven't learned much about the industry. It goes in depth about what you need to be prepared for in order to successfully secure a job as not only an artist but any kind of position in the art industry.”

James Phan

Toronto, Canada

"Your masterclass is a splash of cold water on people who may have been told they were talented, and developed an ego as a result...I really liked the parts where you drove it home that 99% of graduates are just one of many stars, and unfortunately only the brightest stars get chosen to shine."

The Future of Digital Art And The Entertainment Industry Economy Are In The Process of Changing Forever!

If you are serious about your future as a digital artist in video games, movies, television, multimedia, or anything really, this might just be the most valuable and useful training you'll ever watch.

If you are a graduate of a college game art program, and you want to make sure you actually find work doing what you love and what you've now gone to school and trained to do, you really need to know what you will learn in this masterclass training.It's also great for anyone thinking of going to college for game art, or for anyone already in a college game art program.

My standard advice is if you have not yet borrowed money for digital art school, do not take on any student debt to go to school - it's just not necessary in this day and age.

Everything I share here I wish someone had told me when I was just starting out trying to find work after college.

I wish they had told me when I was just starting out in college, or even well-before enrolling in college, but after graduating college is a close second.

So I look forward to sharing this hard-earned wisdom with you so you can make the best use out of both my good fortune and mistakes.

See you in the session!



Eddie Faria

Eddie is a 3D artist and 3D art teacher, specializing in 3D environments. He's an expert in 3DS Max, Substance Designer & Substance Painter, and Unreal Engine. With close to 15 years in the industry, he's helped build games you might have even played, and taught in the college system as well. And he's now sharing the most important things he's learned over the years with aspiring game artists looking to blaze their own trail in this profession to save them time, money and energy and maximize their chances for success.