About The Course

In this course you will largely learn how to improve your Zbrush sculpting abilities by undertaking the task of modeling a rock in Zbrush. You will learn how to block out your rock in 3DS Max, how to prepare it for export and bring it over to Zbrush for sculping. You will learn some trade secrets on how to sculpt and prepare a rock for use in a game engine.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    1. Modular Rocks Part 1

    • Introduction to Modular Rocks

    • Chapter 1 Description

    • Blocking Out

    • Using Dynamesh

    • Using Dynamesh 2

    • Adding Details

  • 2

    2. Modular Rocks Part 2

    • Chapter 2 Description

    • Creating Cracks

    • Creating Custom Alphas

    • Polypaint and Export

    • Back to Max

    • X-Normal Baking

    • Final Rock


  • Students are required to have completed the Basic 3D Modeling course.

  • SKILLS LEVEL: Beginner

  • 3D Studio Max is required to complete the lessons.


You must have completed the following course in order to understand and start this one.